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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 


Video Games

How They Work & Troubleshooting

Two Day Intensive Course

Whether you are a newcomer to the industry or an experienced operator this course has something to offer. Effective troubleshooting is the aim of the course. A large range of games is covered.

The course begins with an introduction to the effective troubleshooting techniques, then introduces the basic components of a standard video game, the set up procedure and diagnostics. This is further extended to other types of video games such driving games, shooting games, feature games, moving simulators and even prize redemption machines.

The course provides answers on the most frequently asked questions relating to the repairing and the maintenance of the amusement machines. Not only solutions to the most common problems are discussed, but the course also stresses the importance of preventive maintenance and shows ways how to optimise the performance of the machines.

If you are not sure how to check the main logic voltage correctly, how to solve a poor gun aiming in shooting games, how to troubleshoot linking problems or adjust the picture of your monitor, then this two day intensive training course could be the answer.



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Pinball League

The Magic Flippers

Allow to operate flippers and play the game of pinball by body motion without touching the flipper buttons.


New ways to play pinball, new ways to attract younger players!


This new concept was

demonstrated by Norbert Snicer at AMD Transformers LE Product Launch Party at AMF Bowling Centre, Sydney on December 13, 2011.







Ticketflex Hopper Controller for Asahi Seiko SH-400. Add Coin/Token output to your games.  

Solution for Birthday Parties, Trade Shows, Showrooms. Turn the tickets OFF when they are not desirable.


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