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Tell us what you need.  We can supply these boards with a custom program to suit your specific requirements. We'll be happy to help you find the solution you need.

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Ticketflex Solutions (pdf file) an overview of solutions,  upgrades, testing, also other models e.g. Mercy Tickets Adder, Custom Programs...

The most versatile Ticket Dispenser Controller Board on the market.
  • Plug-in solution Supplied with harness for plug-in connection to Deltronic, Entropy or Happ ticket dispenser.

  • Drives almost any ticket dispenser Completely versatile. It can be set to Continuous Operation where the machine or the dispenser requires ticket notch feedback or Pulse Operation where ticket notch feedback is not required.

  • Adjust the ticket payout the way you need Does your machine give out far too many or not enough tickets? The Ticketflex Maximizer allows you to increase or decrease the ticket payout to maximize earnings of the machines.

  • OR add ticket feature to any arcade game You can even add a ticket feature to machines which do not dispense tickets e.g. Video Games, Pinballs, Kiddy Rides etc. Why not get some use of those  old dispensers sitting somewhere in your storage. This can be the cheapest and the best upgrade you ever do to your games.

  • Dispenser Test Does the dispenser work? The Ticketflex Maximizer will test your dispenser in 5 seconds. It is not only a handy addition to your machine but also for your toolbox.

  • Allows operation without tickets for showrooms, machine hire, testing etc. Why waste tickets when you don't need them. Often you need to run a machine without tickets but the machine would come up with errors if the dispenser is unplugged. Not any more, simply select the operation without tickets by the dipswitch.

  • Boost earnings with TIME BONUS Great feature to boost the earnings of your ticket redemption machines. 

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