Two Day Intensive Course

Pinball Machines

How They Work & Troubleshooting

conducted by Norbert Snicer


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Auckland N.Z. March 5 & 6.  2011
Brisbane March 12 & 13, 2011
Melbourne March 19 & 20, 2011
Sydney March 26 & 27,  2011
Perth April 2 & 3,  2011

Pinball Machines

How They Work & Troubleshooting

Two Day Intensive Course

Rydges Hotel Sydney, December 4 & 5, 2010


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The passion for pinballs in Australia is strong as ever. The testimony to it are the attendees of the Two Day Intensive Course, Pinball Machines, How They Work & Troubleshooting, which took place in the Rydges Hotel Sydney on 4th and 5th December 2010. A group of pinball enthusiasts, professional repairers and pinball operators ranging from the novice to very experienced. Everyone’s focus, involvement, questions and contribution to the discussion made this course buzzing and memorable. 


Norbert's book is both valuable and informative in diagnosing and troubleshooting problems. This course is an expanse on the book and shows you how simple troubleshooting can be.  The class size is just right and a hands on format means involvement and a clear understanding how to logically approach a fault so you don't waste hours trying to repair your Pinball. I did the course 20 years ago and found it as informative now as I did then. Rod Brooks (Pinball People Pty Ltd)  

Simple repair procedures to enlighten pinball repair process. Enjoyed this course to revise service steps. This course brings together the passion for pinballs. Giuseppe Librizzi (AMF Bowling)

A great course, perfect for anyone interested in pinballs, novice or expert. Loads of great info that will certainly save our company a lot of time.Mike Munro (Able Amusements)

Very practically orientated  course that assumes minimal knowledge. Course suitable for individuals as well as catering for industry members. Fills a long term gap that frustrates many who assume they either “work alone” of pay questionable service.C.D. Pearson (Pearson’s Amusement Machines)

Coming from a mechanical background I was apprehensive about a lack of electronic knowledge. I originally decided to enrol in the course as I sometimes help my son with his repair work. I feel confident now that I could not only assist but diagnose problems.
John Brooks (Pinball People Pty Ltd)

Having attended this course I have picked up methods to speed up the troubleshooting of pinball machines, which will result in quicker turnaround of machines, saving time and money. I would recommend this course to anyone who operates/maintains pinball machines.Stuart Padgett (Anare Pty Ltd)

I have had a great two days with new knowledge earned and new friendships found.The concept of electronics than I have had and all the new found knowledge of how diagnose any potential problem has made me very confident in diagnosis and repairs that I may encounter in the future. You do not have to be expert in the electronics to understand the course as Norbert has and did explain all possible scenarios and diagnostic aspects that can be understood and easily achieved. The knowledge and the input from all the participants cannot be found in any “Textbook”.Rennie Grinly  

Well structured, steady paced course with excellent hands on practicals. Very friendly and knowledgeable group of students to make the course more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to understand and troubleshoot problems with pinball machines. Thank you Norbert for the wonderful experience. Daniel Robar

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