NEWSLETTER No. 1   2004


Repair Tips for NRI G.13.1002 & G.13.0004 coin mechs

A very popular coin mechs, which can be programmed to accept 6 different coins and has six individual coin outputs. Each valid coin will produce single pulse (100ms - programmable, switch to ground, open collector) on the appropriate coin output (channel = coin output). Channels, which accept unwanted coins can be easily disabled by the Dip Switch located under the side cover. For programming or diagnostics, special computer software is used and the coin mech must be connected to a computer via RS232 interface.  Read more...


Namco Race On, freezing or not powering up

This can happen very intermittently. At the beginning, maybe every few days and you may not worry about it. Switching the machine off/on will fix it. But progressively it occurs more frequently, say every few hours and you'll be forced to look for solution. As with all intermittent problems it is harder to work out what is wrong. Read more..


Setting up your pinball machines

This article will be concerned with setting up your machines. I would like to draw your attention to the most important adjustments and how you can check the performance of your machine. I will be referring to the Williams/Bally pinball machines (WPC) however, pinballs made by other manufacturers will have a similar set of adjustments. Read more...


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