NEWSLETTER No. 2   2004


Ticketflex Maximizer -   A Handy Diagnostic Tool for Ticket Redemption Machines in Your Tool Box

The size of the Ticketflex Maximizer is only 2.5" x 2.5" and all you need to add is a ticket meter to end up with a very handy diagnostic tool for your ticket redemption machines. It will take hardly any space in your tool box and make your troubleshooting so much more efficient. 

If your Ticket Redemption Machine does not dispense tickets and you suspect that the ticket dispenser is faulty you don't need to have another dispenser to try out, simply plug in the  Ticketflex Maximizer instead of the dispenser. Play the game and the number of tickets the machine wants to dispense will be registered on the ticket meter. 

You can test your machines without handling and wasting any tickets. You can set the dipswitch on The Ticketflex Maximizer to suit many types of tickets dispensers. It is as you would have been carrying a bag of different types of dispensers with you.

Test your machine with the Ticketflex Maximizer

  1. Connect Ticket Meter to pin 6 and 9 of the 12 Way JST Connector

  2. Set Dip Switches to: 1=OFF, 2,3,4=ON, 5=OFF, 6=ON, 8=ON

  3. Set Dip Switch 7  "ON" for Deltronic 1275 compatible dispensers ( with notch feedback or "OFF" for Deltronic DL-4 compatible dispensers (pulse operation with no notch feedback).

  4. Unplug the ticket dispenser and plug in the Ticketflex Maximizer instead of the dispenser.  The standard lead supplied with the Maximizer will fit most machines.  For machines with DL-4 or some less common dispensers you may need to make up a simple adapter lead.

  5. Play the game. The meter will register the number of tickets the machine wants to dispense.

Did you know that you can test your ticket dispensers with the Ticketflex Maximizer? 

The Built-In Dispenser Test will allow you test almost any ticket dispenser. You don't even need the machine. You can do it on your test bench. All you need to do is to connect your dispenser to the Ticketflex Maximizer and supply 12V. If you going to test the dispenser in the machine plug in the Ticketflex Maximizer in between the machine harness and the Ticket dispenser you want to test.

 Test your dispensers with the Ticketflex Maximizer

Download this PDF file for more information.

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