NEWSLETTER No. 3   2004


Ticketflex Maximizer,  the most versatile  ticket dispenser controller board on the market. 

Whether you need to solve your ticket payout problems or add "Tickets " to Video Games , Pinballs , virtually any coin-op game or use it as a diagnostic tool, the Ticketflex Maximizer (TFB1) does it all and more. Add it to your ticket redemption games and BOOST the takings with the Double Ticket Time Bonus Feature.



Double Ticket Time Bonus Feature


All you need to do is to plug your ticket dispenser into the Ticketflex Maximizer and connect two wires for the Time Bonus Lamp. The lamp can be any off shelf 12V/10W lamp which will suit the decor of the machine.


How does it work?

The system provides an extra incentive for the player to start a game because while the lamp is flashing the player will receive more tickets than what the game normally gives, actually twice the normal amount.

The lamp is flashing for duration of 1 minute and starts automatically flashing every 5 minutes. 

Just the flashing light brightens up your game and draws the attention of the player to the game. A simple signage such as "DOUBLE TICKETS WHEN THIS LIGHT IS FLASHING" is enough for the player to understand the system.

How do I enable this mode?

There are two ways to do it. One is simply turn the dip switch 6 "ON" to enable the Double Ticket Time Bonus Feature. Alternatively you can use an external switch conveniently positioned for an easy access. This is handy when you desire to turn this feature ON and OFF more frequently. Say you wish to have it only to promote your games during the more quiet days. It is actually possible to link a number of machines together and use just one switch to control them all.

How do I control the ticket payout?

You can still fully use the DIVIDE or MULTIPLY mode of the Ticketflex Maximizer to control the ticket payout. In combination with the game setting you can achieve the payout you need.

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