NEWSLETTER No. 4   2004

TicketFlex Solutions

TicketFlex Solutions Information Sheet

Click on this link (information sheet in pdf file) and  learn in a glance how you can:

  • Optimize the ticket payout 

  • Reduce overheads (cost of tickets)

  • Make your games more exciting with the "Double Ticket Bonus Mode"

  • Add ticket feature to your Video Games

  • Add ticket feature to your Pinballs

  • Add Mercy Tickets to any ticket redemption game

  • Enable or Disable Double Ticket Bonus in several machines externally (just by one switch)

  • Operate machine without tickets (show rooms, home operation etc.)

  • Use the Ticketflex Maximizer as a handy diagnostic tool

  • Tailor the Maximizer to your specific needs - Custom Programs

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