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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 

Test Reports and Switch Tests in WPC System machines.

The proper use of "Test Reports" and the "Switch Tests " makes our troubleshooting very effective. Most switch related problems can be solved in matter of few minutes. If you are not taking the full advantage of the built-in tests, please read on.


If any switch in the playfield has not been activated for past 30 games the computer will assume that the switch must be faulty and will generate test report. The test report is brought to your attention in three ways.

  1. When you power up the machine.
  2. When you press the "Enter" button in the coin door.
  3. When a full stop appears after the Credit Number (press the "Enter" button to read the Test Report).

Always check the test report and check the reported switches in the Switch Edges Test. Isn't this nice that the machine is telling you what is actually wrong? On occasions the machine may report switches which test okay in the switch test. These are the switches which is hard to activate during the game play and as you learn about them they will not bother you. However, be also aware that such a condition may indicate some other problem in the playfield such as diverter not working and thus not allowing the ball to reach some switches.

There are three different switch tests available to you:


This test is the most practical "every day" test. In all switch tests the left hand side of the display will show you the status of the entire switch matrix. At one glance you will know what switches are closed and which are opened (dot = open, square = closed).

Activate any switch in the playfield. The right hand side of the display will show you the name of the switch, the switch number and the colours of the wires connecting the switch. This test is also capable of capturing the switches which have been activated for very brief time. This feature is very useful for detecting intermittent switch problems, e.g. the machine is putting up score during the game play for no reason. This can be explained by a sensitive switch in the playfield which gets triggered by vibration. Induce a little bit of vibration to the playfield, the switch edges test will capture the sensitive switch and display the switch number.


This test will cycle through all closed switches and display their names and numbers.The left hand side of the display will indicate the position of each closed switch in the switch matrix by filling the appropriate square.


Two very useful features are offered here:


Use this test for detecting all active switches. Not always closed switch means active switch. Opto switches work the other way around. They are active when opened. For this reason it is hard to say from the switch test display, which switch is currently active and which not. The single switch test can help you find out all active switches. Note the cursor (little cross) on the first switch. You can move the cursor by the Up and Down buttons in the coin door. Keep moving the cursor from switch to switch until "A" appears on the display. This is an indication of an active switch. Find the switch and make sure that it is meant to be active e.g. trough switch is correctly indicated as active because the ball is covering this opto switch. But you could be alarmed if the trough switch is active yet all balls have been removed from the trough assembly. This could be the explanation why the machine kicks two balls in the playfield instead of one. Check all active switches. A falsely activated switch can cause the game to malfunction.


Move the cursor on the switch you are interested in and press the start button. The help message on the display will tell you the colours of the wires connecting the switch, the connectors where the switch connects to and the associated fuses.



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