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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 




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New way to operate flippers and play the pinball!


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Driving Games

Ticket Redemption Games

  1. Problems with steering in driving games.
  2. The car does not accelerate yet the accelerator tests okay.
  3. No steering, accelerator - have you initialized the inputs?
  4. Analog Inputs - How to check
  5. Motocross Go!
  6. Daytona Input-Output Board
  7. Daytona Twin - Enhanced Block Diagram
  8. Daytona Twin - Steering Driver Board 
  9. Daytona Twin - Sound System
  10. Sega Rally Deluxe (Inputs-Outputs)
  11. Sega Rally Deluxe (Steering Driver Board)
  12. Sega Rally Deluxe (Sound System)
  13. Scud Racer - no motion
  14. Manx TT - no motion
  15. Namco Race On, freezing or not powering up.
  1. Deltronic 1275 Ticket Dispenser - Description
  2. Deltronic 1275 Ticket Dispenser Picture & Pinout
  3. Adjusting Ticket Payout
  4. Connecting Ticketflex Maximizer to Deltronic DL 1275
  5. Connecting Ticketflex Maximizer to Deltronic DL 4
  6. Ticketflex Maximizer Connector Pinout
  7. Adding ticket dispenser to a video game
  8. Adding ticket dispenser to pinball machine
  9. Operating ticket redemption games without tickets (show rooms, super sessions etc.)
  10. Sky Masters (Bay Tek) Irregular Scoring  

Shooting Games

Electronic Coin Mechs/Credit Boards

  1. Point Blank 2 Conversion
  1. Microcoin S5 Coin Acceptor - pinout
  2. Microcoin S6 Coin Acceptor - pinout
  3. Programming Microcoin S6 Coin Mech. 
  4. S6 in 4P games (separate credits).
  5. S6 in 4P games (common credits).
  6. NRI 1002 or 0004 Pinout
  7. NRI 1404 Pinout
  8. Repair tips for NRI coin mechs 

Feature Games

Williams/Bally Pinballs

  1. Alpine Racer - Lock Circuit
  2. Alpine Racer - Locking Mechanism
  3. Alpine Racer - Block Diagram


  1. Flipper coil is overheating, weak flipper, fuse intermittently blows, flipper coil burns.
  2. Two or more balls kicked to the playfield or the machine keeps kicking one ball after another.
  3. Switch Matrix Problem - Ground Short Row No.
  4. The machine blanks out during the game play.
  5. Test Reports and Switch Tests in WPC System machines.
  6. Let the "Help Facility" of the WPC System machines help you.
  7. Looking for a part number of a playfield switch? See these pictures!
  8. WPC 95 Backbox
  9. WPC 95 System Block Diagram
  10. Setting up your pinball machines
  11. The Champion Pub Switch Matrix Problem (Ground Short Row #)

Link Systems


  1. Troubleshooting Link Systems
  2. Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Links


  1. Switch Inputs
  2. How to check analog & switch inputs
  3. Ohm Law
  4. Opto isolated switch input
  5. Opto interrupter and game input 
  6. JAMMA connector pinout
  7. What can cause the game to reset or freeze
  8. How to Check the +5V on the Game Board


Skill Testers

  1. Important Note: Credit Board installation to LAI Skill Tester


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Pinball League

The Magic Flippers

Allow to operate flippers and play the game of pinball by body motion without touching the flipper buttons.


New ways to play pinball, new ways to attract younger players!


This new concept was

demonstrated by Norbert Snicer at AMD Transformers LE Product Launch Party at AMF Bowling Centre, Sydney on December 13, 2011.







Ticketflex Hopper Controller for Asahi Seiko SH-400. Add Coin/Token output to your games.  

Solution for Birthday Parties, Trade Shows, Showrooms. Turn the tickets OFF when they are not desirable.


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