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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 

Fiber optics Link Systems

Fiber-optics link is used in Sega machines such as Daytona, Sega Rally, Manx TT, Indy 500 etc. Each machine has a pair of connectors, one transmitter (TX) and one receiver (RX) for the connection of the fibreoptics cables. A rule must be observed at all times that a cable plugged into the transmitter on the one end must be plugged into the receiver of the other machine on the other end. The connectors are marked however, we can always distinguish the transmitter from the receiver. A bright red light will shine from the transmitter briefly when the machine is powered up.

The following diagrams show how to find the machine, which fails to link by splitting the machines.

It is a very simple and an effective procedure to narrow down which machine is causing the problem. Remember that the defective machine may work well in the "Single Mode" and it is worthwhile to try. The machine can be temporarily operated in a Single Mode before further action to rectify the link problem is taken.

The picture above shows the fiber-optics cables plugged into the transmitter and the receiver of the Daytona Game Board.

Chain of four machines using fiber-optics cables. One way to determine which out of the four machines fails to link is to split this chain into two sets of two machines.

The pair containing the defective machine will fail to link.

Looping RX and TX connector of the same machine (Sega Games) is useful troubleshooting technique. If the game board and the fiber-optics link cable are okay the game will power up in link mode (the machine must be set as a master).




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