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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 

Intermittent Problems in Arcade Games

Certainly the most annoying problems are those which happen intermittently. Whenever we want take some action everything seems to work perfectly. So what is the best way to tackle them? Look for simple things first:

  • Check connectors which could become loose especially after transportation.

  • Check important voltages such as the main logic voltage +5V. If it is a video game measure it on game board, directly on the JAMMA connector. Make sure that the voltage is within the range 4.9 to 5.1V. 

  • Connectors which generate heat are a sign of bad connection and have to be fixed.

  • Try to find out when the problem happens. It may be when the game warms up which could lead you to a  faulty fan. The game could be sensitive to vibration. Try to induce a bit of vibration by tapping different parts of the machine (PSU, Game Board etc,) with the handle of your screwdriver (be careful not to damage anything). This may lead you to the part of the machine which causes the problem.

  • Take advantage of two same machines. For example if your Daytona Twin intermittently freezes and you suspect that the game board is the cause, use the good unit to swap the boards around. If the fault follows the board which may happen in two days time, you made a big step forward in identifying the source of the problem and further action can be taken.

  • It is always preferable to test the suspected faulty unit in a good machine than the other way around.

  • Electromagnetic or electrical interference generated from within the machine or outside the machine could also be a cause of malfunction. For example a fault in a fluorescent illumination can generate enough interference to reset your video game. Disconnect the fluoro temporarily and see whether the problem disappears. It is also worthwhile to try another power point or move the machine to another place in case that the interference is external. 

  • Static electricity could also explain damage of equipment or intermittent malfunction especially in locations with carpeted floors and in hot and dry climates. Check whether the protection earth is connected to all parts of the machine (e.g. Coin Door) as it supposed to.





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Pinball League

The Magic Flippers

Allow to operate flippers and play the game of pinball by body motion without touching the flipper buttons.


New ways to play pinball, new ways to attract younger players!


This new concept was

demonstrated by Norbert Snicer at AMD Transformers LE Product Launch Party at AMF Bowling Centre, Sydney on December 13, 2011.







Ticketflex Hopper Controller for Asahi Seiko SH-400. Add Coin/Token output to your games.  

Solution for Birthday Parties, Trade Shows, Showrooms. Turn the tickets OFF when they are not desirable.


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