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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 


NRI G.13.1002 (Side Entry), NRI G.13.0004 (Top Entry-Pinball type).

A very popular coin mech, which can be programmed to accept 6 different coins and has six individual coin outputs. Each valid coin will produce single pulse (100ms - programmable, switch to ground, open collector) on the appropriate coin output (channel = coin output). Channels, which accept unwanted coins can be easily disabled by the Dip Switch located under the side cover. For programming or diagnostics, special computer software is used and the coin mech must be connected to a computer via RS232 interface. 


The most common faults when the coin mech stops accepting coins.

  • The blue surface mount capacitors on the inner side of the pcb dried out, replace them with tantalum type caps. You can measure pin 19 of the CPU (reference voltage). It should be 2.5V if the caps are okay. Higher voltage (2.6V or near) means problem with the caps.
  • There are 3 coils in the main plate (the plastic body) and 3 coils in the "door" to measure the coin. Check them for continuity. It is best to check the door coils at the end of the ribbon cable (pcb side). If open circuit, most likely the flat cable itself is damaged. The main plate coils can sometimes be fixed. The coil wire is usually broken near the solder terminal and may be carefully reconnected. Otherwise the whole main plate needs to be replaced. You don't need to remove the PCB to measure the main plate coils.
  • The solenoid operating the reject gate can be open circuit. Also make sure that the plunger operates freely.
  • The opto switch operated by the reject button may be obstructed or faulty. This opto is usually not used, it can be removed from the circuit, however you need to short out the two PCB pads for the LED and also the pads for the phototransistor.
  • There is an added quarter watt resistor from the inner side of the PCB (sometimes protruding at the top of the mech). This resistor can be broken off due to physical abuse. Reconnect it.




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