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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 

Opto Isolated Switch Inputs

An excellent input protection can be achieved by opto isolated inputs. Note that there is no electrical connection between the control panel switch and the input of the IC buffer. A closed switch connecting ground to the cathode of the LED completes the circuit consisting of the light emitting diode in the optocoupler and the resistor R1. The light emitted by the LED turns "on" the phototransistor which connects ground to the input of the IC buffer.

Opto isolated  inputs are used in many arcade games e.g. Daytona, Sega Rally.




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Pinball League

The Magic Flippers

Allow to operate flippers and play the game of pinball by body motion without touching the flipper buttons.


New ways to play pinball, new ways to attract younger players!


This new concept was

demonstrated by Norbert Snicer at AMD Transformers LE Product Launch Party at AMF Bowling Centre, Sydney on December 13, 2011.







Ticketflex Hopper Controller for Asahi Seiko SH-400. Add Coin/Token output to your games.  

Solution for Birthday Parties, Trade Shows, Showrooms. Turn the tickets OFF when they are not desirable.


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