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Troubleshooting Williams/Bally WPC System & System 11. 

Programming Microcoin S6 Coin Mech with the Micromate


When & How To Use It

Mode 1

View Settings & Set Discrimination

Use this mode when you want to view how the coin mech is programmed.
  • Select Mode 1 by pressing "M" (Mode) and "1"
  • Select which coin channel you want to view (1 - 12) and press Enter "EN".
  • Keep pressing "EN" and view the values on the display .The values will be displayed in the following order: Coin Value, Channel disabled (0) or enabled (1), discrimination - Normal (1) or Narrow (2).

Mode 2

Set Coin Meter

View or set the coin meter value in this mode.
  • Press "M" and "2" to enter Mode 2.
  • The display will show you the value currently set e.g. "10" means 10cents.
  • Press "EN" if the value is O.K. or key new value and then press "EN".

Mode 3

Enable/Disable Coin Channel

You can disable or enable any coin channel in this mode.

(The standard programming is CHANNEL 3 = 20c, CHANNEL 5 = $1, CHANNEL 6 = $2. All other channels are disabled).

  • Press "M" and "3" to enter Mode 3. Select channel (1 - 12) & press "EN".
  • Key "0" to disable, "1" to enable and press "EN".

Mode 4

Set Price Per Game

Adjust the price per game in Mode 4.
  • Press "M" and "4" to enter mode 4.
  • The display will show "0" if the coin mech is set for a standard video game. Press "EN" to continue. ( You can change it to "1" for 4 player games (stored credits, separate credit outputs for each player).
  • The display will show you when the first credit will be issued e.g. 100 means $1 (the first price level is set for $1).
  • Press "EN" if the value is correct or key new value and then press "EN".
  • The following number on the display indicates how many credits will be issued when the first price level is reached. Press "EN" if you don’t want to change this number or key new number and press "EN".
  • You can adjust up to 6 price levels and assigned the number of credits per each level. Note that total credits is the sum of all credits set in each level.

Mode 5

Set Coin Value

The S6 coin mech has 12 coin channels. Mode 5 allows us to assign a coin value to the particular coin channel. The standard programming sets the channels as follows: Channel 3 = 20c, Channel 5 = $1, Channel 6 = $2. All other coin channels are disabled.
  • Press "M" and "5" to enter mode 5.
  • Key "3" and "EN" to select channel 3, key 20 and press "EN".
  • Channel 5 & 6 is set the same way with values "100" & "200" respectively

Mode 6

Program Coin

Program the coin mech to accept the desired coin(s).
  • Press "M" and "6" to enter Mode 6.
  • Select the coin channel to be programmed and press "EN". E.g. key "5" and "EN" to select channel 5. The display will show "100" (this is the coin value set in the mode 5).
  • Drop 10 coins through the coin mech. The display will count the coins.
  • When the last coin is dropped the display will go blank. Key "1" and "EN" for normal discrimination (recommended). Key "2" and "EN" for narrow discrimination.

Mode 7

Set Pulse Width

Set the width of the credit output pulse. The standard setting is 100 ms.
  • Press "M" and "7". The display will show the current setting.
  • Press "EN" if you don’t want to change this setting or key new value and then press "EN". (Some Air Hockey tables require 300ms credit pulse).

Mode 8

Clear All Settings

Executing Mode 8 clears all settings. (There is normally no need to do this).

Press "M" and "8" key "1 1 1 1" and "EN".




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